Monday, August 9, 2010

Nee ente sankethavum

നീ  എന്‍റെ  സങ്കേതവും
നീ  എന്‍റെ  കോട്ടയും
നീ  എന്‍റെ  പ്രാണനാഥന്‍
നീ  എന്‍  ദൈവം

ആരാധിക്കും  ഞാന്‍  പൂര്‍ണ  ഹൃദയമോടെ
തേടും  നിന്‍  മുഖം  ജീവ  കാലമെല്ലാം
സേവിചീടും  ഞാന്‍  എന്‍  സര്‍വവുമായ്
അടിയനിതാ  ദേവാ  (3)

നീ  എന്‍റെ  രക്ഷകനും
നീ  എന്‍റെ  വൈദ്യനും
നീ  എന്‍റെ  ആലംബവും
നീ  എന്‍  ദൈവം

നീ  എന്‍റെ  പാലകനും
നീ  എന്‍റെ  ആശ്വാസവും
നീ  എന്‍റെ  മറവിടവും
നീ  എന്‍  ദൈവം

Nee ente sankethavum
Nee ente kottayum
Nee ente praananaadhan
Nee en Deivam

Aaraadhikkum njan poorna hridayamode
Thedum nin mugham jeeva kaalamellam
Sevicheedum njan en sarvavumaay
Adiyanithaa Deva (3)

Nee ente rakshakanum
Nee ente vaidyanum
Nee ente aalambavum
Nee ente Deivam

Nee ente paalakanum
Nee ente aaswasavum
Nee ente maravidavum
Nee ente Deivam


  1. i just loved this song......!!!!! its amazing
    thanks for the meaningful lyrics

  2. its really wonderful song and hands off to the the composer and singer too..... its based on the words of god in pslams.... heart touching one

  3. really awsome........i love this.

  4. Super song.......
    My favourite song......

  5. This song makes you to leave everyyhing but adore your God without any religion. Our God is above all He is the only one saysto love each other more than you love yourself. Thank you Lord for the composer and the singer.James Thundathil Joseph, NC USA.

  6. A very good heart touching song, which makes you to madore your god beyond the religion.I played this song in my shop, and people who do not know language also kept silent even after the song finished. I praise and thank you Lord for the composer and singer to create this rythem.May god bless you. James Thundathil Joseph, NC< USA.